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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Missouri

Nov. 28, 2007

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey

“I have tremendous respect for Missouri and for (Coach) Mike (Anderson). We all know the service he provided to this place. For us, to be able to battle and get this win, we feel very, very fortunate. The game could have gone either way.”

(After early turnovers)

“Our guys stuck together and handled the adversity Missouri presented. I thought Marcus Britt came in there and really helped us. We thought, if we could stop turning it over, we were shooting a high enough percentage; if we could stop them, we would be in good shape. We were very fortunate to hold off their last run. I loved the pace, with the exception of the turnovers.”

(On his team’s attitude)

“I wanted to see an attitude where nothing phased us—just keep playing, keep playing. If we were going to win, we were going to have to get down and guard. I’m very proud. We didn’t play perfect, but I felt like we played to win. When our manhood, our heart, was questioned, we didn’t back down.”

(On Charles Thomas)

“There was so much heaped on Charles. He did a great job of attacking and made big shots. He had a real warrior-type attitude.”

Arkansas Players

Sonny Weems (Sr., F)

“We knew when they came here that Coach (Mike) Anderson would do a good job of making his team play. We knew it was going to be a tough game, and we were prepared for it.

“We were waiting on this game all year. It was all we were talking about. Now we’ve got the win and the game is over with. We’ve got to focus on the game Saturday.”

Gary Ervin (Sr., G)

“We were going to come out and press and they were going to come out and press. Coach Pelphrey just told us to get the ball in the middle of the floor and attack it.

“We turned the ball over, but we didn’t suffer for that. We stayed positive.

“It wasn’t the point of Mike Anderson being there. He has a lot of history with Arkansas in 17 great years, and the fans love him; but at the same time, it was much more important about what we had to do to control the basketball.”

Charles Thomas (Sr., F)

“Obviously we wanted to beat them better than they beat us last year, but a win is a win. I credit the six seniors for stepping up.

“Me, as well as Darian Townes and Steven Hill, everybody questioned our heart in the front court position. But we really stuck in there and got the job done.

“It was going to be an up and down game, everybody knew that. They struggled some but I give them a lot of credit. They played a great defense and do a lot of pressing. They turned it up a lot.”


Head Coach Mike Anderson

“There was a lot of energy out there for both teams.”

(On rebounding)

“Even though the rebounds were close, I think the key rebounds are what made the game for (Arkansas).”

(On the magnitude of the game)

“I do not think this game is any smaller than a conference game. I believe every game is a big game, no matter what, and my team knows that as well.”

(On the atmosphere)

“This is probably one of the toughest arenas to play at.”


Forward Matt Lawrence

“When it came down to the critical time, (Arkansas) made some plays. They rebounded well offensively. It seemed like every time they took a shot, they had someone down there. Whether it was [Darian] Townes or [Steven] Hill, they had someone down there to get the big rebounds.

“We came into this game like any other game. Coach Anderson prepared us well and treated it like it was a normal game.

“They made their adjustments throughout the game. They are a well-coached team and made some great plays.

“It’s not going to get any easier. We are a small team, but Coach [Anderson] tells us that it is not about size, it’s about heart.”

Guard Stefhon Hannah

“We tried to play this game like it was a home game. We tried to play with the same intensity, like we were going to get the crowd into it, but we had to remember that we were playing on the road.

“We have to come together better toward the end of the game. We need to get everyone on the same page and get things right.

“I was trying to get fouled on that last shot, but the refs didn’t call it and there’s nothing I could do about it.”

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