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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Oral Roberts

Dec. 1, 2007

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey

“Oral Roberts has got a winning tradition with Scott Sutton as their head coach. They (made) some fantastic shots. ORU is a really good defensive team, and they have a lot of energy to give.”

“ORU’s main player Robert Jarvis is a lethal weapon. He made it hard for our team to defend.”

“Gary Ervin was really good on the high ball screen. He made some big plays. Gary did a good job coming in, and organizing us for the rest of the game. “

“Darian Townes is a very talented man. He had some fast transitions that helped our team work until the end.”

Arkansas Players

Gary Ervin (Sr., G)

“Coach (Pelphrey) let us know that we were going to get their biggest punch. They said that we were going to slack off a bit after our big win against Missouri, so we just wanted to come out in the second half after we were down by 10 and just stay positive. It was a long game.”

“We came out after halftime and we kind of stepped up on defense and got easy baskets. Great defense leads to a great offense. And we did a good job of that during crunch time, cueing our plays, getting into position, and making easy baskets.”

“It started off with a big three-pointer at the beginning of the game and that just kind of set the momentum. We just knew that the game wasn’t over. It was an early lead, and it was a long game. We just had the confidence to come out and get ready for the second half.”

Darian Townes (Sr., F/C)

“Oral Roberts is kind of a slow-paced team. They like to run their plays and they like to execute. Once we got the feel and the flow of how they play we started to play real aggressively. We got a lot of fast-break points, and we started to execute our plays.”

On three shots and blocked shot at five-minute mark…

“(The block) was real big. We saw that there were three seconds left on the clock, and we thought they were going to give the ball to the guy who shoots the ball real well, I think his name is Jarvis, but they went to Shawn King. He just threw up a quick shot and I just put my hands up and blocked it.”

Oral Roberts

Head Coach Scott Sutton

“This game was very similar to last year’s game. I thought there were several plays that led to us letting them back in. We’re going to have to get better later in the game.”

“We had more turnovers in the second half than the first. The crowd got into it and their defense in the second half is really what stopped us.

“They are awfully athletic. To see those guys flying at the glass and being without their best player [Sonny Weems], John brings a lot of passion to that team and it shows throughout the game.”

“I thought we did a nice job in containing Patrick Beverley. Other than those two threes in the second half against our zone and our guys not getting out there quick enough, I thought we did a nice job.”

“I like Gary Ervin. He is an amazing shooter and great at handling the basketball.”


Robert Jarvis (Jr., G)

“As a team we just lost our composure. We needed to keep doing what we were doing to hold the lead, but we just didn’t execute. We had a lot of defensive mistakes and we just weren’t able to recover fast enough.”

Adam Liberty (Sr., G)

“The defense just broke down. Coach (Sutton) said it would be a game of runs, and we got our run in the beginning.

“They are a good fast-breaking team, that’s just what they do.”

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