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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Portland State

Nov. 18, 2005

Arkansas Head Coach Stan Heath

“We had tremendous focus today and we started on a good note.

“They (Portland State) had a lot of new guys on the floor and they played us pretty close.

“We had good balance all the way around. Darian (Townes) had a great first half and Charles (Thomas) had a great second half. Ronnie (Brewer) is Ronnie and Jonathon (Modica) is Jonathon. Dontell (Jefferson) had a terrific night with 15 assists.

“He (Jefferson) knew is role and is doing better than last year. He delivered many great passes to players on the move.

(On Ronnie Brewer’s personal 24 points)

“It goes to show you I would be surprised if he broke it again this season. He shot well tonight and finished plays.

“If you foul us, we’ll make you pay.” –On free throws

“Our team chemistry gets better and better every day.”

Ronnie Brewer

“Sean (McCurdy) and Dontell (Jefferson) played really well tonight. Now we have a lot of confidence and we have to go off this win and take it to Maui with us.

“For Maui we need to keep our baskets up-tempo and improve our defense. We worked on offense but we wanted to make sure our defense would be ready and try to continue to get better.

“This is really the first game we have had everyone in our lineup. We are going to have everyone in Maui and we are just trying to get better.

“We are definitely not scared (of Connecticut). We have respect for them but they are like any other opponent. You can’t fear any other team.”

Dontell Jefferson

“We have just got to play real strong and focus on our confidence. Right now we are happy we won. We are focused and we have a lot of confidence.”

Charles Thomas

“When I fell (over press row), I was a little scared but I bounced right up.

“We are excited we came out with the ‘W.’ Right now we are playing the game and having fun.

“This is a great start. We don’t want to let this go to our heads. We need to focus and take it one game at a time.”

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