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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Rice

Dec. 17, 2005

Head Coach Stan Heath:

“I’m still looking for that elusive two-half performance.”

On 2nd Half

“We came out with much more intensity and much better effort on that glass. (Jonathan) Modica got going, (Eric) Ferguson made big plays, (Ronnie) Brewer got going and Darian was pretty consistent the entire game. There were some challenges laid out (at halftime), and our guys responded.”

On Playing in Little Rock

“Our fans down here have a lot of loyalty. They really got into the game and gave us a big boost and we fed off them.”

Arkansas Player Quotes

Ronnie Brewer

“I was able to get my teammates involved throughout the game even though I was not able to score that much. I had to stay focused and not get frustrated. Coach Heath kind of got on us at halftime to pick it up and put pressure on us to take control. We picked up our pressure and were able to force turnovers, which is what we try to do.”

Darian Townes

The crowd was loud which helped us. We started off the game slowly but we picked it up in the second half. Charles (Thomas) got our energy up and our guards were able to make some three-pointers. We were able to use our size advantage also.”

Jonathon Modica

In the second half our size, quickness and intensity helped us take control. I like playing in Little Rock because the fans are good here. I was getting frustrated because I was not taking shots that I should have been taking.”

Rice Head Coach Willis Wilson

“You’ve got to give them credit; they got the tempo the way they wanted it. The pressure shouldn’t bother us the way it did. Frankly, we just didn’t handle their pressure in the beginning of the second half.

“It was hard for us to get touches when we turned it over on our first five touches. We weren’t patient. We should be patient in order to accent our strengths.”

Rice Player Quotes

J.R. Harrison

“It wasn’t their energy. It’s that we just did not execute on offense like we should to be successful.”

Morris Almond(On 2nd Half)

“When they came out and went on an 11-0 run it just put us out of whack and it really just set the tone for the remainder of the game.”

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