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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

NCAA Fayetteville Baseball Regional

Arkansas vs. Oklahoma State

June 4, 2006

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas Head Coach Dave Van Horn:

“I don’t know if we could have played better. Daryl Maday pitched a fantastic ballgame. If you take away one inning or one home run it would have been a different ballgame. We played a complete ballgame for the most part. That guy made a heck of a catch out there and I wish the best of luck to OSU.

“If there had been no wind or a southwest wind, that ball would have been out of the park. I just wanted it to go over his head but it was a super play. I am disappointed with the loss but not the effort.

“The seniors have done a great job with our program. Charley Boyce has persevered and done a great job. He has learned a lot from us and we have learned a lot from him. Trey Holloway has been a great leader and a great person on and off the field. Chris Hollensworth has also done a great job and I hope he has the chance to play pro ball. Craig Gentry is one of the quickest kids I have ever coached. We wouldn’t be here without our seniors. They have been a blessing to be around.

“We maximized everything we had this year. I am proud of our coaches and players. Eight weeks ago we were struggling but we turned it around and won 39 games. We persevered. (Dave) Jorn has done a tremendous job with the pitchers and Todd Butler is a great hitting coach.”

Arkansas Catcher Brian Walker:

“I was just trying to hit the ball. I put a good swing on it and I thought there was no way it wasn’t leaving the park.”

Arkansas Outfielder Craig Gentry:

“This is the most fun and the greatest time I have ever had. The team played hard so there is no sour taste in my mouth. I thought I played well and this is unfortunate. I wish we could play again.”

Oklahoma State Head Coach Frank Anderson:

“Oliver set the tone for us today. He had to start after last night and got to the 7th inning today. He battled and scrapped. Sometimes it wasn’t pretty, but it worked.

“I thought (the last hit) had a chance. But we’ve played good defense in the outfield all year. We wanted to fight to stay alive and compete with them.

“There was no surprise on the reversed call. A lot of times the umpires will get together to get a call right, and they did a great job.

“Maday had it going on for a while, then we got some things going. We haven’t had many innings with multiple runs this year, so that was big for us.

“Oliver was thrown last night and also into the 7th today. It just worked out today, and I was proud of the kids.

“I’m not sure who (ORU) will pitch. They’re a good club, and they’ll throw somebody that’s good.”

Oklahoma State Pitcher Oliver Odle:

“I just gave it everything I had today. You think it may be your last time, so you leave it on the field.

“Early in the game, I tried to get ahead of the hitters. Once we scored runs, I just focused on getting it over the plate and letting the defense work for me.”

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