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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Tennessee

November 11, 2006

Arkansas Head Coach Houston Nutt

“I love the heart of this team. The attitude of the team is great and our seniors deserve a lot of credit. Since week one we have hung in there and believed in each other. We never let up. It is a perfect way to go out.

“Tonight was a total team effort. Everybody did outstanding. It is always special to beat a physical team like Tennessee. They are a scary team on film. We had good defense and earned every yard we gained. Our defense keeps getting better. I just love the intensity of our team.

“Danny (Nutt) had the idea of putting Darren (McFadden) at quarterback and Gus (Malzahn) jumped all over it. Now Darren wants to throw all the time. It’s a good package and we love having the option of him handing off to Felix (Jones), faking to Felix or running it in himself. The core of that package though is the offensive line. You have to give them credit. They do an outstanding job.

“Monk is a fighter, a winner and a competitor. We needed every catch he made and he made those key first downs for us tonight. He was huge tonight. Casey (Dick) did an excellent job at managing the game. He got us out of bad plays and threw well. He got kneed by Darren (McFadden) but he was able to shake it off and hopefully he won’t be too sore tonight.

“Our guys see things and see that we might be able to win an SEC title and they are excited. They know what’s in front of them and they are loving it.”

Arkansas tailback Darren McFadden

“With what happened in the Auburn game, we knew coming in that if we won tonight we would have more cushion in the SEC. The offensive line did a great job opening the holes tonight and I just had to hit them hard. On the pass to (Marcus) Monk, the safety came up because they thought I was going to run and it left him wide open. Next week we just have to play like we have been lately and take care of business.”

Arkansas defensive end Jamaal Anderson

“We knew we might be able to rattle a new quarterback coming into a hostile environment with our defensive pressure. I had a certain move that I thought would work and it worked once so I kept using it and was able to get multiple sacks. Our team tried not to pay attention to the national spotlight that was on us this week and treat it like any other game.”

Arkansas wide receiver Marcus Monk

“I was playing a little hurt but we have talked all year about playing through pain and not letting your teammates down. Our team is in position now where anything can happen so we just have to stay on top of everything. When Darren (McFadden) is at quarterback we are very versatile and can keep the defense guessing. He can hand it off to Felix (Jones), throw it or run the ball. We were aware of what happened in the Auburn game so we just had to take care of our own business and I think we did that tonight.”

Arkansas quarterback Casey Dick

“Some teams in front of us in the polls lost today so it gave us some opportunity. Now after our win tonight hopefully we will get respect. Our offensive line did a tremendous job of creating holes and giving me time to find open receivers. The first touchdown to set the tone and really got us going I thought. That was a good Tennessee team so it feels good to get a win like that.”

Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer

“I didn’t do a good enough job getting us prepared for the intensity of this football game. From an emotional standpoint, we didn’t play at the level we have in the past.

(On Darren McFadden)

“It’s hard to simulate the speed of number five (Darren McFadden). He is the best back we have seen this year.

(On his quarterback, Jonathan Crompton)

“He’s a young guy. This environment would get to anybody. It’s tough to ask him to come here and carry this team. Arkansas did a good job (rushing him). It was a bit more (two-safety zone) than we expected. We didn’t catch the ball well early. Jonathan is a good prospect, this is just a tough place to play.

(On Arkansas)

“They are one of the best in the SEC. Florida, LSU and Arkansas are up there together.”

(On his team’s emotions at the first of the game)

“I don’t think we answered the bell at all in the first half. We’ve been emotionally into the season all year long. We can’t wallow around in our disappointment.”

Tennessee Wide Receiver Bret Smith

“We lost…that is what running through my head. The better team won tonight. We defended the way they did in practice and couldn’t execute (tonight). After the first half, I thought we would come back out and my mindset was it could be another LSU (in 2005). We weren’t executing our offense either.

Tennessee Side Linebacker Ryan Karl

“We were working all week (for their running game, but they trapped us and we didn’t expect that. Arkansas is good at getting the defense off base. They put Darren McFadden at quarterback and we can’t get off as many blocks, people just aren’t where they needed to be. In the second half, I thought we adjusted and did well.

(On Arkansas)

“Arkansas is a great team. They have the best running back I’ve seen since I’ve been here and I’ve been here three years. I believe the scheme to their offense game is number five. With him the offense is a different game and he is a great running back. My hat is off to him.”

Tennessee Quarterback Jonathan Crompton

“I expected it to be loud and hostile, but I don’t think it affected me as much as I thought it would. I wasn’t as mentally prepared for (the environment) as I should have been. (Arkansas’ pass rush) got there, but had time to get the ball off. Most of those sacks were my fault. At times we were (able to get into a rhythm), but I take that on myself that we didn’t get in the kind of rhythm we could have.”

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