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Post-Game Quotes

Post-Game Quotes

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Arkansas vs. Stephen F. Austin

November 18, 2006

Stephen F. Austin Head Coach Danny Kaspar:

“[Steven] Hill is a great shot blocker. We shot well but inside he made things tough. We played well in the first half but we turned the ball over a lot in the second half. Fourteen turnovers against Arkansas isn’t going to get it done. We just have to do a better job collectively in the future. [Will] Johnson and [Chaz] Dykes played well. I was proud of their effort.”

Arkansas Head Coach Stan Heath

“First off, I want to give Stephen F. Austin credit. They came out, ran their stuff and were deliberate with their style of play. They really took out what we wanted to do and our guys never got into the rhythm.”

On Sonny Weems:

“This was by far his best game tonight. He’s a guy that once he gets on a roll he’s hard to stop. We saw that in him last year. He really helped with the seven offensive rebounds, giving us extra processions.

On Steven Hill:

“Steven is a presence on defense. But, tonight he did a very good job offensively. He was versatile, posting up and showed us some nice moves.

Center Steven Hill:

“We got a good win against a good team. We’ve been consistent with our shot blocking but we have to be careful not to get fouls. We’ve got lots of newcomers and as a team, we still have to work out the kinks. After being off for about eight days it feels good to play someone besides ourselves.”

Forward Sonny Weems:

“This win felt good. When there is a lot of hype you have to live up to it all and prove yourself. We were supposed to beat this team so we had to come out and play hard at home. We are not that far from playing really well together as a team. Our chemistry is great but everybody gets anxious at times. We are almost there.”

Guard Gary Ervin:

“We have had to practice hard because we know we are going to Orlando to play three straight games. These non-conference games are getting us ready for (SEC) season play. There are lots of major teams that we need to be prepared for down the road and we have a lot more to learn. The thing about this team is that somebody can lead for us one night and someone else can lead the next night. We are very diverse because anyone can step up and be the leader.”

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