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Post-Game Quotes Tulsa Preview

Post-Game Quotes Tulsa Preview

Arkansas vs. Louisiana Tech

Dec. 30, 2006

Arkansas Head Coach Stan Heath

“I was pleased with our effort. The intensity came from our defense. We were so active, running the floor, and we didn’t turn the ball over. This was a very solid performance for us.

(On playing a zone)

“We have a lot of length and quickness, and we’re starting to cover for each other. It can be an effective defense for us. It causes turnovers and bad shots. All of our defense had good pressure today, and it created a good tempo for us.

(On turnovers)

“That has been our barometer. When we take care of the ball, we win. When we have struggled, it’s because we’re not taking care of the ball.

(On his offense)

“We’re getting much better balance on offense, and much better spacing, as well.

(On finishing the non-conference season)

“Obviously, when Alabama and Florida are your first two conference games, that presents problems, but, we’re close to where we need to be. Tulsa will give us a tough test Tuesday night.”

(On Tuesday’s game vs. Tulsa)

“They’re off to a great start. Their defense is tough. They’re getting a lot of balance, offensively. I look for it to be a very good ballgame. There is a good history between Arkansas and Tulsa. Their program is on the way back up. It’s a good test for us.”

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Keith Richard

“It was a win or lose game late in the first half when it was 21-17. We were mixing up our defense with man and zone, but I thought we had a lot of turnovers. Also, you simply can not score against a defensive team like Arkansas. It cost us. Our guards played like junior high guards against NBA guards. I’m disappointed in those guys. (Arkansas) has size and made plays because they are taller. You expect it, but you try to limit it as much as possible. We needed to make good decisions. (The two teams) were like night and day on the court today.”

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