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Q&A with a Razorback: Greg Childs

Q&A with a Razorback:  Greg Childs

Q&A with Greg ChildsBy Shaye BurkeUA Media RelationsQ: What is your favorite candy?A: Starburst.Q: What is your favorite video game?A: NCAA Football.Q: How do you like to spend your down time?A: Kickin’ it with friends.Q: Is there a specific hat you always wear around?A: Anything that is fitted.Q: Where is your favorite place to eat?A: Olive Garden. I love their shrimp.Q: Do you have any hidden talents?A: I can play the piano by ear.Q: What is your pre-game ritual?A: I focus on what I have to do, trying not to get too hyped up.Q: What is your favorite Sonic drink?A: Hi-C.Q: What movie could you quote throughout the entire time while it was playing?A: Probably Hancock or any Will Smith movie.Q: What song would you relate to your life?A: Anything by Lil Wayne.Q: If you could have anyone’s autograph, whose would it be?A: My Grandpa.Q: What other sport do you like besides football?A: Basketball!Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?A: My family.Q: Where is one place you would like to visit?A: The Bahamas.Q: What would be the perfect date?A: Just for everything to go right.Q: If you could have any wildlife animal as a pet, what would it be? A: Probably a white panther.Q: What is your dream car?A: Phantom.Q: If you could be in any reality TV show, what would it be?A: The Bachelor.Q: Have you ever attended a professional game?A: No, I have not.Q: What is one of your phobias?A: Snakes. Anything that slithers.Q: What would be the PERFECT tailgating meal?A: My grandparent’s spaghetti.

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