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Razorback Athletics Staff Directory

Razorback Athletics Staff Directory

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Administration Phone: 479-575-7641
Name Position Contact
Jeff Long Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics 479-575-7641
Bev Lewis Assoc. Vice Chancellor and Executive Associate Athletic Director 479-575-5139
Jon Fagg Senior Associate AD – Administration and Governance 479-575-4108
Clayton Hamilton Senior Associate AD – Business Operations and CFO 479-575-4548
Matt Trantham Senior Associate AD – Internal Operations 479-575-2666
Michael Waddell Senior Associate AD – External Operations/Strategic Communications 479-575-6533
Kevin Trainor Associate AD – Public Relations 479-575-6959
Eric A. Wood Associate AD – Student Athlete Services 479-575-4424
Leanne Bowles Assistant to the Athletic Director 479-575-7641
Celice Clark Assistant to Bev Lewis 479-575-5139
Debbie Lemaster Coaching Staff Support at the Lewis Center 479-575-3014
Athletic Training
Name Position Contact
Matt Summers Director of Athletic Training (Football) 479-575-2586
David England Head Athletic Trainer (Men’s Basketball & Baseball) 479-575-4018
Tricia Matysak Head Athletic Trainer (Volleyball) 479-575-5150
Natalie Trotter Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women’s Basketball) 479-575-2808
Dawn Didier Assistant Athletic Trainer (Soccer) 479-575-5150
Chris Hauler Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 479-575-6395
Chris Litt Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 479-575-7584
Jason Traxson Assistant Athletic Trainer (Gymnastics) 479-575-7518
Corey Wood Assistant Athletic Trainer (Baseball) 479-575-4018
Mark Hinton Assistant Athletic Trainer (Track & Field, Cross Country) 479-575-5150
Business Office
business office phone: 479-575-3755
Name Position Contact
Clayton Hamilton Senior Associate Athletic Director of Business Operations and CFO 479-575-4548
Byron Hatch Associate Athletic Director for Business 479-575-3463
Kim Harter Director of Human Resources 479-575-4856
Jared Benko Director of Business Operations 479-575-7064
Kandice Erwin Director of Camp Operations and Outside Activities 479-575-7611
Jessica Katzang Procurement Manager 479-575-6526
Marjorie DeWitt Associate for Administration 479-575-3755
Tanya Webb Travel Coordinator 479-575-5184
Clinical and Sport Psychology
Name Position Contact
Michael Johnson, PhD Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology 479-575-5163
COMMUNICATIONS Phone: 479-575-2751
Name Position Contact
Zack Higbee Assistant AD for Communications 479-575-5786
Patrick Pierson Associate Communications Director (M Basketball, M Golf) 479-575-2752
Jeri Thorpe Associate Communications Director (W Basketball, W Golf) 479-575-5037
TBA Assistant Communications Director (Baseball, Football) 479-575-2753
Zach Lawson Assistant Communications Director (Volleyball, Softball) 479-575-7089
Derek Satterfield Assistant Communications Director (Football) 479-575-6926
Beth Miller Assistant Communications Director (Track & Field/XC, Soccer) 479-575-7430
Kelsey Appleton Communications Intern (M Basketball and M Tennis) 479-575-4898
Paige Curtis Communications Intern (Swimming and Diving) 479-575-2751
Brandon Harrison Communications Intern (W Tennis and W Basketball) 479-575-4898
Stephen McGowan Communications Intern (Gymnastics) 479-575-2751
Drew Schlosser Graphic Designer 479-575-2751
Mary Lynn Gibson Secretary 479-575-2751
Chuck Barrett Director of Broadcasting 479-575-3696
Alex Perlman The Voice of Razorback Women’s Basketball 479-575-4532
Jake Brokaw Director of Website Design/Development and Social Media 479-575-3313
Name Position Contact
Jon Fagg Senior Associate AD – Administration and Governance 479-575-4108
Tracey Stehlik Associate Athletic Director 479-575-6738
Will Landreth Director of Compliance 479-575-3649
Beth Haj Eligibility 479-575-6110
Monica Frisby Compliance Coordinator 479-575-2861
Kat Moffett Compliance Coordinator 479-575-7953
Kelly Comer Compliance Assistant 479-575-7953
Name Position Contact
Kale Gober Assistant Athletic Director for Development 479-575-4823
Events and Facilities
Events and Facilities Phone: 479-575-4959
Name Position Contact
Chris Pohl Associate AD – Event Management (FB, MBB, SW, SOC) 479-575-7312
Justin Maland Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities 479-575-6768
Scott Sargent Facilities Director 479-575-6575
Julie Cain Event Manager (WBB, Gymnastics, Softball) 479-575-3134
Roy Jacobson Event Manager (Volleyball, Tennis, Track & Field) 479-575-3865
Pat Berger Director of Sports Turf 479-575-6887
Kevin Jones Sports Turf 479-575-6887
Micheal Phillips Maintenence for Turf 479-575-6887
James Brown Building Services Manager 479-575-2991
Jeff Mellon Building Systems Manager 479-575-5196
Doyle Eastridge Building Operations Manager 479-575-6867
Toni Bahn Director of Special Events 479-575-8618
Heather England Director of Guest Services 479-575-6904
Joseph Lindquist Technology Coordinator 479-575-2569
Chris Rhoads Computer Specialist 479-575-2569
Jackson Gibson Computer Support Technician 479-575-2569
Kathi George Secretary 479-575-4959
Name Position Contact
Dean Weber Director of Equipment Operations 479-575-3756
Chuck Hall Head Football Equipment Manager 479-575-2756
Daniel Reeves Assistant Football Equipment Manager 479-575-7941
Mark Taylor Assistant Equipment Manager 479-575-3756
Robert Kisabeth Assistant Equipment Manager 479-575-4243
Hog Heaven
Hog Heaven Phone: 479-575-3815
Hours: 9am-5pm | Monday-Saturday | More Info
Name Position Contact
Joe Garr Manager of Retail Operations 479-575-3815
Dustin Kushmaul Inventory Control Manager 479-575-3815
Marketing and Licensing
Marketing and Licensing Phone: 479-575-4412
Name Position Contact
TBA Associate Director of Athletics, Marketing & Fan Development 479-575-7404
Mike Harris Director of Marketing 479-575-5914
Candace Stimmel Director of Trademark Licensing 479-575-3517
TBA Assistant Director, Marketing & Fan Development 479-575-6055
J.T. Geren Marketing & Fan Development Assistant 479-575-4412
Daniel Foster Marketing & Fan Development Assistant 479-575-7247
Jean Nail Razorback Spirit Squads 479-575-6534
Office of Student-Athlete Success
Office of Student-Athlete Success Phone: 479-575-5456
Name Position Contact
Eric A. Wood Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Services 479-575-4424
Felecia Saine Director of Academics (W Basketball, W Tennis, Volleyball) 479-575-4026
Ragean Hill Director of Academics (Football) 479-575-6410
Marcus Sedberry Director of Student-Athlete Development 479-575-4782
Justin Johnson Associate Director of Academics (M Basketball, W. Golf) 479-575-2834
Tamesha Greenlee Assistant Director of Academics (M Track & Field, Gymnastics, Soccer) 479-575-8483
Christine Scheets Lead Learning Specialist 479-575-6202
Lauren Hansen Academic Counselor/Tutor Coordinator (Softball, Swimming & Diving) 479-575-7997
Rodger Hunter Student-Athlete Development Coordinator 479-575-4056
JL Jennings Academic Counselor (Football, M. Tennis) 479-575-6630
Chris Johnson Academic Counselor (Football, M. Golf) 479-575-2417
Sue Moore Eligibility Coordinator 479-575-4673
Alison Nail Career Development Coordinator 479-575-2418
James Pulido Academic Counselor (Baseball, W. Track & Field) 479-575-5654
Ellen Otis Learning Specialist
Richard Smith Learning Specialist 479-575-6202
Stacy Bartlett Graduate Assistant – Academics (Softball, Swmming & Diving, Tutoring) 479-575-5456
Erin Cousins Graduate Assistant – Academics (Football) 479-575-5456
Gina Davis Graduate Assistant – Academics (Baseball, W. Track & Field) 479-575-5456
Britta DeLay Graduate Assistant – Academics (Baseball W. Track & Field) 479-575-5456
Kelli Donat Graduate Assistant – Academics (W. Basketball, W. Tennis, Volleyball) 479-575-5456
Rob Ekwerekwu Graduate Assistant – Academics (M. Track & Field, Gymnastics, Soccer) 479-575-5456
Amanda Hernandez Graduate Assistant – Student-Athlete Development 479-575-5456
JL Jennings Graduate Assistant – Academics (Football) 479-575-5456
Kaitlyn O’Connell Graduate Assistant – Academics (Graduate Learning Specialist) 479-575-5456
Dana Posey Graduate Assistant – Graduate Learning Specialist 479-575-5456
Terry Prentice Graduate Assistant – Academics (M. Basketball, W. Golf) 479-575-5456
Kristen Pugh Office Manager 479-575-5456
Public Relations
Name Position Contact
Kevin Trainor Associate Athletic Director – Public Relations 479-575-6959
Name Position Contact
Michelle Glover Director of RazorVision 479-575-3618
Spencer Millard Production Manager 479-684-9296
Blair Cartwright Director of New Media 479-575-6421
Matt Wolfe Assistant Director of New Media 479-575-4430
Zach Swartz Producer/Editor 479-575-4430
Rickey Thein Clinical Assistant Professor-RazorVision Academy 479-575-6974
Razorback Foundation
Razorback Foundation Phone: 479-443-9000 | Visit Website
Name Position Contact
Sean Rochelle Executive Director 479-443-9000
Norm DeBriyn Associate Director 479-443-9000
John Matsko Associate Director 479-443-9000
Marvin Caston Assistant Director 479-443-9000
Elizabeth Sullivan Assistant Director 479-443-9000
John Gourlay Assistant Director 479-443-9000
Billye Veteto Chief Financial Officer 479-443-9000
Charlotte Faucette Membership Team 479-443-9000
Jackie Rollins Membership Team 479-443-9000
Debbie Scoggin Membership Team 479-443-9000
Julia Woods Membership Team 479-443-9000
Lauren Waldrip Intern 479-443-9000
Harold Horton Executive Director Emeritus
J. Frank Broyles Athletic Director Emeritus
Donita Ritchie Assistant to Frank Broyles 479-575-3700
Razorback Sports Properties
Name Position Contact
David Shoemaker General Manager
Todd Curtis Senior Associate General Manager 501-837-7802
Phil Carden Account Executive 479-575-7079
Will Roth Account Executive 479-575-4843
Brandon Sheard Account Executive 479-575-3942
Andrew Thaxton Account Executive 479-575-3152
Pedro Salgado Partner Service Coordinator 479-575-6241
Strength and Conditioning
Name Position Contact
Ben Herbert Head Strength Coach – Football 479-575-3123
David Deets Head Strength Coach – Men’s Basketball 479-575-4113
Todd Barbour Head Strength Coach – Olympic Sports 479-575-8463
Mike Strouhal Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 479-575-8636
Bradley Bichey Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Robert Harris II Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Whitney Branham Assistant Strength and COnditioning Coach for Olympic Sports
Jordan Jacobs Assistant Strength and COnditioning Coach for Olympic Sports
Robert Scott Assistant Strength and COnditioning Coach for Olympic Sports
Ticket Office
Ticket Office Phone: 479-575-5151
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm | Monday-Friday
Name Position Contact
Mark Scobey Assistant Athletic Director of Ticket Operations 479-575-5152
Bethany Bucholtz Director of Ticket Operations 479-575-3658
Michael Lusson Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 479-575-6648
Regina Stephens Accounting Assistant 479-575-5153
Renee Brochu Ticket Assistant 479-575-3816
Rachael Perkins Ticket Assistant 479-575-8682
Outbound Ticket Sales: 479-575-6344
Heath Bennett General Manager 479-575-6344
Zach Ziler Senior Account Executive 479-575-3386
TBD Account Executive 479-575-7781
TBD Account Executive 479-575-7781

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