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Razorback game day football blog — Ole Miss

Razorback game day football blog — Ole Miss

9:18 PM — There’s the final, Ole Miss 23, Arkansas 21. Thanks for joining us on the blog. Time for the postgame story.

9:17 PM — Two long passes come up short. The ball goes over own downs.

9:13 PM — Crawford makes the catch, but pass interference on Crawford. 15 yard penalty backs Arkansas up to the 32. 50 seconds left, and the clock starts.

9:12 PM — Incomplete against a furious Rebel rush. 57 seconds left.

9:10 PM — THE PLAY HAS BEEN REVERSED ON VIDEO REVIEW. First and 10 Arkansas with 63 seconds left.

9:09 PM — The officials have rules on the field that the kick was recovered out of bounds by Erin Fenton. The video board shows the replay and the crowd goes wild. The play is now in fact under review.

9:09 PM — Is it?

9:08 PM — Now it all comes down to Alex Tejada’s on-side kick.

9:06:30 PM — Greg Childs makes a one handed circus catch in the endzone — TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS. Now its’ 23-21 with 1:07 left to play.

9:06 PM — Michael Smith reception takes it to the 23 yard line.

9:04.30 — Uh, just like that Arkansas is in business. A 29 yard pass to DJ Johnson puts the Razorbacks on the Ole Miss 42.

9:04 PM — Dennis Johnson returns the kick out to the 29.

9:01 PM — 28 yard field goal attempt is good, knuckle baller but good none the less. Arkansas trails 23-14.

8:59 PM — Time out Arkansas. Regardless of outcome, this has been everything you want from a college football game. A rivalry, a crisp autumn evening, a hard-fought battle. Let’s just hope we can get the result we want. Ole Miss now faces fourth down and four at the 11. Arkansas calls its final time out of the night. Decision time with 1:48 left to play. A field goal makes it a two score game for Arkansas.

8:57 PM — As they come out to measure, this game has the feel of an old fashioned rivalry; or as my old high school coach would say, a slobber-knocker. You know, every hit was going to bring spit and snot from the faces of the hitter and the hittee.

8:55 PM — After the kickoff, Rebels stuffed on a handoff on first down. An illegal substitution backs them up five yards and gets the crowd into a frenzy. The student section is literally vibrating with kids bouncing up and down. Snead delivers a 47-yard strike to the Arkansas 27, and the slows the crowd, but not much. This remains the loudest crowd of the year.

8:50 PM — Lucas Miller makes the eight yard catch and its TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS. The PAT is good and its 20-14. Stop me if this sounds like last week, in reverse. A 97-yard scoring drive for Arkansas in 3:32.

8:49 PM — DJ Williams gets Arkansas to the four. Ole Miss shoots the gap and gets Smith for a loss back to the eight. Arkansas will go for it on fourth down.

8:47 PM — An understatement you had to be here to feel. Press box announcer Larry Foley intones at the exact right moment "That’s Michael Smith" as the junior rambles away from Ole Miss for a 35 yard gain. That puts him over 100 yards for the night and Arkansas at the 13.

8:45 PM — Casey Dick rolls back into his endzone, and lofts a 39 yarder to Childs for a first down at the 42 yard line. Fantastic catch by Childs. Dick backs it up with a touch lob to D.J. Williams for another first down. Razorbacks now at the Ole Miss 46. 7:22 left to play

8:42 PM — Ole Miss is looking to grind out clock and gets one first down before stalling at the Arkansas 38 yard line. The possession didn’t get a lot of yardage, but did take four minutes off the clock. Ole Miss’ punter gets a fortunate bounce and pins the Razorbacks at the three.

8:36 PM — After the kickoff, Arkansas can’t complete the first down, and Davis is on to punt.

8:30 PM — Now its third and 10, and after an Ole Miss time out, the roars come up as the Rebels try to punch it in. Snead finds Mike Wallace to take a 20-7 lead with 13:21 to play.

8:26 PM — A 34 yard reception by Ole Miss puts the Rebels at the Arkansas 11.

8:24 PM — That’s the end of the third quarter. Still Arkansas trails 13-7 after a scoreless third. 74,168 is the official attendance, the fifth largest crowd in school history.

8:18 PM — WOW, a booming 54 yard punt from Jeremy Davis. Picture perfect turnover. The kind you find in coaching technique films. Ole Miss looks pinned inside the five. Second WOW as Marshe Greene slips tackle after tackle to wriggle out a return to the 19. There’s a pair of special teams efforts.

8:15 PM — Ouch. The reverse attempt for Joe Adams leads to a seven yard loss. A hold as Casey Dick rolls out of the pocket is declined and it’s third down.

8:14 PM — INTERCEPTION. Rashad Johnson tracks down a sailing Jevan Snead pass and returns it to the Arkansas 49.

8:12 PM — Out of the time out, Casey Dick executes a perfection play fake, tucking the ball behind his hip as he casually walks away from the line. Ole Miss bites hard on the Michael Smith fake, and without pressure, Dick lofts the pass toward Chris Gragg. He’s got a half stride on his solo coverage, but it pass just slips away from him. Fourth down and Arkansas punts. Ole Miss sets up shop on its own 29. Incomplete on first down, McCluster stuffed for a loss on second down. The rumble builds again out of the crowd.

8:10 PM — Impromptu battle of the bands breaks out as Ole Miss fires up its fight song, only to send the Razorback Marching Band into a full-voiced rendition.

8:10 PM — Michael Smith finds space around the left side and rambles for nine, maybe nine and a half. Coach Petrino calls a time out to consider the third and very short at his own 40.

8:07 PM — Razorbacks now facing third and long on own 11. Dick out of the shotgun. Right over the middle for a wide open DJ Williams and it’s an Arkansas Razorback . . . . FIRST DOWN.

8:02 PM — One of the most successful teams in Razorback history — the 88 and 89 Hogs that won back-to-back Southwest Conference titles held a reunion last night. Now they are recognized during this TV timeout.

8:02 PM — Great combination of coverage and pressure, and the Rebels are forced to punt. Fair catch at the 15.

8:00 PM — Handoffs lead to another third down for Ole Miss. Crowd comes alive. McCluster on the flash reverse gets out to the 30, but a flag on the play. Let’s see, holding on Ole Miss brings it all back.

7:57 PM — 3rd and 1 near midfield. It will depend on the spot. Handoff up the middle gets stuffed by Sheppard and Davis. Officials say first down.

7:56 PM — Rebels go for the bomb, but its broken up by Issac Madison.

7:53 PM — Ole Miss stuck momentarily; great catch moves them out to the 26. The third down play saw one of the loudest roars of the year. It rumbled through the press box glass. I see some folks commenting on the boards about how quiet the crowd is. It does not seem that way at all here, and my reporter on the sidelines says the volume is strong.

7:50 PM — Joe Adams can’t quite hang on, and it forces fourth down for Arkansas. Another great punt by Jeremy Davis rolls out at the nine.

7:46 PM — We are back underway. Sorry for the halftime delay. Razorbacks first and 10 from the 24. Five seconds later. That’ll be first and 10 at the 46 as Michael Smith explodes on the first play of the second half. Could Arkansas have another Doak Walker finalist?

7:23 PM — Screen play gets confused and results in an ineligible player down field. On next play, Dick is trying for Joe Adams and it is broken up. Now 13 secons left, pass gets tipped away from Michael Smith and an interception gets returned to the Arkansas 17 yard line. Dick makes the touchdown saving tackle. Ole Miss goes for the field goal attempt and it is good. As the gun sounds, Ole Miss 13, Arkansas 7.

7:21 PM — Michael Smith gets the first down, clock stops for the chains. Ole Miss makes big change on defense to try and slow things. Pass complete to the 47 of Ole Miss and now with 23 seconds left, Coach Petrino uses his first time out of the game. Arkansas should have several chances at the end zone from this point.

7:19 PM — Two minute drill time for Arkansas. After a scramble on first down, now out to the 31 to London Crawford — who is today’s cover feature in the game program. Clock stops to move chains, then incomplete pass to stop the clock on second down at 1:07.

7:18 PM — The facemask penalty puts the kick off on the 45 yard line. Drive for the end zone, or something tricky? Good hands team is on the field. Ole Miss plays safe and puts it through the uprights.

7:16 PM — Shea Hodge makes the catch, flag on the play. Turns out to be against Arkansas so Ole Miss keeps the score, Arkansas trails 10-7 with 1:58 left in the first half.

7:15 PM — Mike Wallace evades a pair of tackles and gets down to the Arkansas nine. First time inside the 10 for Ole Miss tonight.

7:09 PM — Ole Miss hurrying up to the line with mixed effects. Rebels now at 39 and facing third down. Snead pulls out the first down on a pass to Breaux.

7:06 PM — Ole Miss returns the favor with an eight-yard sack of Casey Dick on third down. Jeremy Davis punts from the one and he gets all of it. Green tracks back with the punt and Jerico Nelson snags him as the reception is made. A field position changing punt as Ole Miss gets it on their own 32.

7:05 PM — His name is Malcolm Sheppard. Jevan Snead will need to know that when he gets to the sideline, because the Ole Miss quarterback elected to leave the safety of his pocket and Sheppard caught him under the right armpit and pounded him to the turf.

7:04 PM — During the time out, the Arkansas men’s and women’s basketball teams are introduced.

7:03 PM — Pair of plays for loss sets up a 3 and 12 at the Arkansas 34. Ole Miss calls time out — the second of the half.

6:58 PM — McCluster runs the Wild Rebel for the first time — only gets two. Pass to the 40 yard line now sets up 3rd and five and the crowd comes to life. Snead settles against pressure and finds McCluster for the first down.

6:56 PM — Good return by Wallace out to the 41 yard line. Momentarily quiets the crowd.

6:52 PM — Petrino calls for a counter option. Motion and overload to the wide side of the field. Dick never hesitates after the snap and deftly pitches to Michael Smith. Smith roars untouched into the end zone. The PAT is good and Arkansas leads 7-3. Razorbacks go 70 yards in 11 plays for the drive.

6:51 PM — Five yards on the option for Arkansas, 3rd and four at the 16. Now Casey Dick complete across the middle to DJ Williams, but the spot is not advantageous. Fourth down. Petrino is going for it.

6:49 PM — Second half opens with a pair of Casey Dick plays, first a long play to Joe Adams, then a seven yard scramble. Razorbacks 2nd and three at the 28. Michael Smith blasts over the left side for the first down. "That’s an Arkansas Razorback . . . . . FIRST DOWN."

6:46 PM — A special ceremony honoring the creation of the Lee Spencer LifeSkills Award. It will honor the Razorback team that performs the best for the year in community service, and provides a gift to help support the Razorback Life Skills program.

6:45 PM — That’s the end of the first quarter, Arkansas trails 3-0.

6:43 PM — Casey Dick dumps in the face of a rush, then gets hit hard after the release. Roughing is the result, 15 yard personal foul.

6:42 PM — Incomplete out of bounds on the pass, and Ole Miss will punt. Wright back to receive again. Low twisting punt results in another bang-bang catch and hit but Wright hangs on.

6:41 PM — Out of the time out, pair of runs that yield a net of -1 yard. Now 3rd and 11 from the 31.

6:38 PM — Ole Miss converts on third and one to keep their drive moving. Ole Miss now takes a timeout, its first of the half.

6:37 PM — Ole Miss goes to the middle, loses a yard on first down.

6:35 PM — Arkansas stalls at midfield, and Jeremy Davis’ punt hits just in front of the goal line. Unfortunately it skids into the endzone for the touchback.

6:30 PM — Michael Smith says good bye, and almost 30 yards later, Arkansas is 1st and 10 near Ole Miss territory. Delay of game takes some of the momentum off the play.

6:29 PM — Dennis Johnson brings it out from the one to the 21.

6:26 PM — Davis and Franklin stand up Snead and crush him at the line of scrimmage. Fourth and five. A 39 field goal attempt by Shene is good, Ole Miss 3, Arkansas 0.

6:25 PM — Looks like Ole Miss went double tight end and held the back for max protect on the QB; Razorbacks hold the coverage and allow the line to haul in Snead for a 10 yard sack. On second down, Snead bails the pocket under pressure and makes back most of the sack. Now 3rd and five at the 22.

6:23 PM — Nothing on the handoff to bring up 2nd and five. Enrique Davis muscles ahead for a first down.

6:22 PM — Snead goes deep for a first down to the Arkansas 38. Handoff on first down to McCluster goes for a loss, but a flag looks like Arkansas was off sides. Indeed, so five yards and repeat first down.

6:21 PM — McCluster takes the wide pitch for the first first down for UM. Now at their own 36. Nothing for Eason on the first down handoff. 2nd and 9

6:20 PM — TV timeout. Reminder, tomorrow the Razorback soccer team closes the home season with South Carolina. 12:30 is start time.

6:17 PM — From 3rd and 21, Dick finds Smith on a tunnel screen to recover most of the penalty yards up to the 17. Field goal attempt is 34 yards and it is just wide to the right.

6:16 PM — Casey Dick executes a perfect play fake to hold the Ole Miss rush, but had to unload the ball. Intentional grounding called and the crowd reacts as you would expect.

6:14 PM — After opening with the option for a seven-yard gain for Michael Smith, Casey Dick goes across the middle to D.J. Williams. He does the yards after catch to make it a 45-yard gain to the Ole Miss 18 yard line.

6:13 PM — Jarius Wright gets the man-up award for the night so far; he catches the punt and an Ole Miss tackler at the same time, then gets punished by three more. He takes the hits and holds the ball.

6:12 PM — Adrian Davis puts the pressure on and gets the sack — it’s three and out for Ole Miss.

6:10 PM — First flag of the night, it’s against Ole Miss and the 2nd and 10 handoff will result in a five yard penalty instead — only six on the line.

6:09 PM — Ole Miss’ Snead drops back, looks deep but incomplete.

6:08 PM — Coaches and staffs for both teams are wearing white patches on their sleeves tonight in support of Coaches to Cure MD

6:06 PM — Ole Miss winds the toss and Arkansas will defend the south goal. 62 degrees with a 10 mile per hour wind that carries a chill.

6:02 PM — It is a full house, and they are giving the visiting team a rousing welcome; now rising to their feet in a huge Hog Call.

6:00 PM — The A is formed and the honorary captain is being announced — Dereck Russell.

5:53 PM — At least here in the press box, all eyes are on the monitors following the progress of the final minutes of the Texas and LSU games.

5:51 PM — Today for the first time this year, the windows are closed in the press box due to the chilly weather; however, this is without a doubt the most rousing hog call for the band entry onto the field of the year. You can feel it through the glass.

5:49 PM — Again, a reminder — if you’re also watching the pregame video stream, it is just pregame. The PPV starts at 6 p.m. and is a separate purchase. I think I’ve finally come up with a way of explaining the difference. Think of your RazorVision account as cable — where you get a ton of content. But, if you want the game — because of the costs of producing it — you end up paying for the PPV.

5:47 PM — Big roar for the Razorbacks as they head off the field from warm-ups; Razorback band prepares to take the field.

5:30 PM — The lower student section is full, they’re beginning to flow into the upper deck south endzone.

5:15 PM — The crowd is filing in fast, as you would expect on a rival game like today.

4:57 PM — Football teams have specialists in the facility.

4:41 PM — Tusk II is on the move now into the stadium. Here’s a couple of quick photos from today’s Tusk Trust Fund drive.

4:35 PM — All is well now, and it’s a beautiful evening in Fayetteville. Crisp, clear, not a cloud — or anything else — in the sky.

4:30 PM — Sorry, away helping with technical issues.

4:07 PM — Be stepping away for a minute to assist with some other equipment. Remember, if you are RazorVision, you can see the video board pregame streaming starting at 4:30 p.m. That runs up until kickoff at 6 p.m.

4:05 PM — Um, who did you think I meant?

4:04 PM — As a said, today is special. Why? Tusk, of course. This is Tusk Trust Fund kickoff weekend on campus. If you want to read more, click here for the press release earlier in the week. Tusk II made his first appearance that we know of at basketball last night outside of Walton Arena. Today, he’s sunning himself in his trailer just to the east of the Broyles Athletic Center.

4:03 PM — Why can’t we see the game outside of Arkansas and Mississippi? Conference television contracts restrict any football PPVs to only the home states of the teams involved. I know that seems very out-of-date, particularly when you can often see bootleg from overseas or in other markets, the game is picked up on-line essentially for free by some of our contract providers. However, let me make clear — Arkansas Athletics is not trying to restrict viewing, not trying to get an extra buck. We are trying to bring the game to as many people in as many paths — PPV via cable, satellite or internet — that we are ALLOWED to do.

4:02 PM — As we begin today, let’s review some very important things for distant fans. Today is pay-per-view. If you want to watch it on your TV at home, PLEASE remember to order through your cable system. If you want to watch on your computer, you need to click over to register for the PPV — it is $34.99, and it is not part of your RazorVision package.

4:00 PM — Welcome to Fayetteville. The blog gets started soon with some pregame items. Of course, today is huge because one of the fan favorites is back on very public display at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. We’ll have pictures in just a few minutes.

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