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Razorbacks Endure a Physical Two-A-Day

Razorbacks Endure a Physical Two-A-Day

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – In its eighth day of preseason practice and only second two-a-day work out Arkansas practiced for a little over two hours in warmer temperatures behind Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. During the morning they were also outside for about two hours. The Razorbacks had a physical practice as they participated in goal line situations and head coach Houston Nutt was pleased with his team’s progress.
“We had some guys roll a little bit today,” Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt said. “We pushed and pushed them through some things and they’re starting to feel their bumps and bruises. We had a little goal line scrimmage coming out. The offensive was trying to make a first down and the defensive line was trying to keep them pinned up.
“We’ll really learn from that film; that was really good,” Nutt said. “This is probably the hottest it’s been since we’ve been here, so that was also very good. I appreciate that attitude of our guys. I know we got better. We just have to keep getting better and we’ll have a chance.”
The defense was the group that stood out the most as they tallied five turnovers. Nutt and his staff will spend a significant amount of timing analyzing the film from Monday in preparation for Tuesday’s practice at 2:30 p.m.
“The effort was good and there some hitting,” Nutt said. “There were guys chasing the ball on defense. We’ll have to watch the film to see where the breakdowns were. The defense got five turnovers today on some tipped balls and I thought that was outstanding.”

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