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Red vs. White Rosters Announced

Red vs. White Rosters Announced

The following is a brief transcript of a press conference held to preview the Red vs. White Basketball game on Friday, Oct. 30, 1999 at Bud Walton Arena. The team members are listed at the bottom of the transcript.

(Projected starters – What about Brandon Dean, Sergerio Gipson, Chris Walker, Dionisio Gomez and Brandon Davis?)

“That is closer than I’ve come. That sounds like a pretty good lineup though. That’s a pretty good speculation. That’s not a bad starting lineup to tell you the truth. You have some maturity.

“That is a good starting point anyway. The only guy that we will probably have out there because of his experience is Chris Walker. He has been here the longest, played the longest. He is the team captain, so you are kind of hoping that he would be out there.

“But again, there is T.J. He looks awfully good at times. Teddy (Gipson) is awfully good to me. As a freshman he makes the all-tournament team as a reserve. I’ve never had anybody do that. He is a lot better than he was a year ago.

“I would project that if Gipson keeps going the way he is going, he could be All-Southeastern Conference. He gives you something very rare. He can do so many things in terms of hurting another team. He can attack you. His shot is the most important. His shot has improved a lot. If he can hit that shot with that first step he has and the jumping ability he has, he is going to be a good player.

“He grew about two inches. I just think he has a chance to be a very good basketball player. He plays hard in the style that we play. He can anticipate well. He can touch the ball a lot.

“There are a lot of things that old Teddy is doing that I had no idea at this point he would be able to do. He isn’t a starter in stone, but he is making his presence pretty evident.

“T.J. was the most improved player last year. He is stronger and weighs a little more.

“We just have a little ball club, but they are feisty. They touch a lot of balls.

(How is Alonzo Lane coming along?)

“To me he has come a long ways. He’s never had to run the floor do the things we do. He is a pretty good athlete for his size. He is the kind that had to learn. I could tell early that he spent more time thinking about what we were talking about instead of it becoming a reaction. Now it is coming more of a reaction.

“Now I can see him becoming a better player, because he is not thinking as much. Basketball isn’t a thinking man’s game it has to be reactions. I think getting out of the two-a-days and letting it sink in has let him react more as opposed to thinking.

(Lane has said that at first he was holding back for the games, but has now figured out he needs to put that effort into practice. How do you react to that?)

“I’ve seen him get better in practice. If he is holding out for the games and he is bringing what I see in practice, then we have a heckuva surprise coming. It means he is going to be pretty good.

“I always thought the reason he didn’t look as good early in practice, is because he was trying to do everything you asked him to do. He is that kind of kid.

“Carl Baker is that same kind of way. In the last two days, Baker has picked up some stuff and now instead of thinking should I go there or over here, he is just reacting. When you start wondering you don’t play. Here in the last two days, he doesn’t look like the same guy I saw eight practices ago.

(Improvement – Jason Gilbert)

“I think the guy that impressed me the most in the last week was Jason Gilbert. He has lost 10 pounds and he needs to get another 10 off, but he is shooting the ball like I thought he could. Last year, I think he just accepted a role of just coming in when he could and playing when he could.

“I think this year, he is getting to it’s my turn. The last two or three days he has been unconscious shooting the ball. Not only that he has made some good passes. He is making some penetrating moves. I can see him making his move a little bit better also.

“I don’t want him to be in Pat’s (Bradley) role. I think early in the year that is what Jason wanted to do. I think Jason can be more of a point guard that can shoot the basketball. Pat was not a point guard at all. He couldn’t create his own shot.

“So if you start trying to play someone else’s game just to get the looks he got, it takes away the things he can do well. He has the shot, but he can penetrate and pass. I’m constantly telling him, don’t play that role. That is the worst role you can play. You are different than he is. We had to get Pat all of his shots in transition. We can run an offense with Jason and he can penetrate and create his own shot. There is no question that Jason is much more versatile.

(Specific things you will look for on Friday night?)

“The thing that we have to look for is execution. Execution is pushing the ball and getting into our second option which is what we call our screening game. We want to look for that. We want to see some semblance of our defense in are we making some good switches.

“We have a real switching type defense this year. We want to see if they are doing what we worked on. The rest of it is have a little fun and play competitively. I know they will do that. They will always be competitive.

“Execution is important. We may do a little of our pressing defense. We only have 12 kids including the walk-on, so we will do just a little pressing just so we know how to get into it and how to get out of it.”

Red Team

Carter Clark

T.J. Cleveland

Brandon Davis

Jason Gilbert

Sergerio Gipson

Alonzo Lane

White Team

Carl Baker

Brandon Dean

Blake Eddins

Dionisio Gomez

Charles Tatum

Chris Walker


Bob Maloney, Buddy Wright

Hayes Biggs

(Teams to be determined)

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