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Richardson Previews Weekend Matchup with LSU

Richardson Previews Weekend Matchup with LSU

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The following is a brief transcript of a press conference held by Arkansas head coach Nolan Richardson to preview the LSU at Arkansas game at Bud Walton Arena on Saturday at 12:05 a.m.

(What did you see in the Florida game?)
“If we convert and hit some free throws we have a chance to win that ball game. I think our kids know that. I think our kids know they are real close. I think the most important thing I saw in the whole ball game was Larry Satchell. I saw him go after everything for the first time since the season started.
“He got goaltending because he wanted it so bad. He looked at me. I always try to look at my kids. He wanted to be in that ball game. All I want him to do is to keep that look in his eye and keep working. He can give us something. I saw the most aggressiveness I’ve seen in him. I knew that he had that. It’s just a matter of time.
“So playing LSU, I’m looking forward to it. We may get beat, but it’s not going to be because we aren’t trying to win. That is all I ask my kids to do.”

(With LSU’s win down there does that make the series a little more intense?)
“Maybe we need a rivalry. Let’s face it, it has been us and Kentucky. Everybody else talks about this and that, but we have had only one rivalry, Kentucky because they were the best there. I’d rather play the best and compete against the best than all the others.
“If that brings the spice back then maybe that is what needed to happen. Because there wasn’t much spice in it before.”
“LSU, I hope they continue to be successful because they are in our league. The only thing I can control is when they play us.”

(How much will Satchell’s performance against Florida translate into playing time vs. LSU?)
“Oh, he’s going to play. He’s going to play a lot I believe. Our game plan is no secret. They know, it’s no secret. When they get off the bus, we have to get after them. We probably haven’t done that. We only have 10 guys right now. Those 10 guys have to perform now.
“It’s just like Blake the other night. He missed two open shots and he told Mike (Anderson) put me back in I will hit one. I like that attitude knowing we were struggling with the shots. Those guys have to play. Dionisio Gomez he has to play.
“I haven’t even decided who I’m going to start. It doesn’t matter in this game. This game the starting lineup doesn’t matter to me.”

“They have the best front line probably in college basketball. We are going to get after them. If I have anything to do with my guys we are going to get after them. If we don’t win another game this season, we are going to get after these guys or else I will put on a uniform. We have 10 soldiers let’s go to war and see if we can win a battle.”

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