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Medical Forms

Insurance Forms | New Athlete Physical Packet | Returning Athlete Physical Packet | Tryout Clearance Form

New Athlete Physical Exam Form

This form will be filled out and completed by all new incoming athletes on scholarship when they first arrive on campus.

New Athlete Physical Examination Packet

Returning Athlete Physical Exam Form

This form will only be filled out by scholarship or non- scholarship athletes that have been competing on one of the University of Arkansas intercollegiate athletic teams for one full year or longer.

Physical Examination Packet

Tryout Medical Clearance Form

This form is for those individuals who are not currently on a roster for one of our intercollegiate athletic teams, but is looking to try out for one of our athletic teams. This form needs to be taken to your primary care physician and filled out in its entirety by both the student and the physician and then signed by the physician. You will need to bring this completed medical clearance form along with a copy of your insurance cards (if you have insurance) and a copy of your sickle cell test results.

Tryout Medical Clearance Form

*Physical Examination signed and dated by a Medical Physician within the last six months and must include a sickle cell test result with the blood work. * Proof of Insurance

Insurance Forms

This form will be filled out and completed by all new and returning athletes or if changes to insurance policies occur.

Insurance Forms