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Stipanovich enjoys beach experience

Stipanovich enjoys beach experience

Q    What was special/fun about this event?
A    It was really neat to be on the beach in Florida playing volleyball.  It was a good change of scenery. It was also fun to get to know some of the other players in the SEC. Overall it was a really fun experience and a great opportunity.

Q    What was the most significant difference than indoor?
A    The timing in the sand changes the entire game.  It makes the game a lot more defensive and you also have to take into account how the elements change the game.

Q    What were the challenges in playing with two players instead of six?
A    You really had to communicate with your partner. First of all, you had to see the court and help your partner with shots, and second, you had to know where your partner was going on defense so you could balance the court.

Q    Have you ever played sand volleyball before?
A    No, this was my first time playing in the sand. We practiced some before we went, but this was my first sand competition.

Q    How do you like the sand uniform compared to the indoor one?
A    I wouldn’t want to wear the sand uniform indoors, but it was good for the beach.

Q    What was the best meal you had there?
A    The last night we went to this really cool restaurant with live kettle drums and we sat outside and I had a really good burrito.

Q    What other SEC team impressed you?
A    I felt like everyone was on the same playing level as far as experience goes, but you could tell the schools who were located in places with beach weather, like Florida. But we ended up splitting with them which was really exciting.

Q    Would you like to do it again? Why?
A    I would love to go again. It was probably the best volleyball trip I have been on because we were on the beach. I also think that playing in the sand benefits your indoor game as well because it helps with a lot with both vertical and defensive control.

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