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Sugar Bowl: Game day

Sugar Bowl: Game day

Welcome to the Louisiana Superdome for tonight’s live blog. Bill Smith (at left) is on the main keyboard. The basic ground rules for participation — please use your real name, perhaps your home town. No screen names, handles or guest/anonymous posting allowed. This is a moderated chat so not all comments will make it through — if more than one person asks a similar question or post, we’ll pick one. Since this is just like a digital fan section, we’d ask you to keep it family friendly with the comments with good sportsmanship. Finally, all are welcome — including our opponent fans. We appreciate the perspective you can bring to the game.
PREGAME: Chuck Barrett gives us a look at the game tonight from the point of view of the Voice of the Razorbacks. Click on the video to watch. We head to the Superdome through a sea of Razorback red in about an hour to get set up. The blog will open earlier than usual, likely around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. <a href="" mce_href="" >Football at Sugar Bowl</a>

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