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Summer journal – Week 6

Summer journal – Week 6

Note: Each week throughout the summer, a captain from the Razorback soccer team will write a journal entry to share with fans their thoughts on the upcoming season and what the team is doing to prepare. The entries will rotate among sophomore Allie Chandler, senior Camille Flores, junior Kendal Winston and senior Britni Williams. This week’s installment is from Williams.

I’ve been back in Fayetteville for a few weeks now and it’s been great being back with my teammates. This past week we had our usual morning workouts consisting of weights and running, starting at 7:30. Almost all returning players are back and working out, which has been awesome because we all work much harder with the support and encouragement of one another. Running doesn’t come easy for me, but being pushed and challenged by all my teammates makes me work harder and get better every day.

We have also started organizing our own pickup games a few times a week. This is my favorite part of the day. I get to play and have fun, even though last week Laurel Pastor blasted about 15 shots by me during four-on-four. Obstacles like that help me prepare weekly goals for myself, so my goal for this upcoming week is to have 10 or fewer shots scored on me and keep the field players more organized by being vocal in the four-on-four scrimmages.

Besides soccer, I’ve also been enjoying Fun Friday, which basically is a competitive obstacle course with four different teams, each team consisting of a mix between soccer, softball, basketball and volleyball. I’m on the red team and as of now we’re in second place. We have a few more Fun Fridays to claim our first-place place title though, and the winners get a prize, so we’re determined to take over and get that prize.

Now that I have had a weekend of rest and relaxation, I’m ready and excited to get back to my weekly routine.

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