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Swimming And Diving Training Blog: Day Four

Swimming And Diving Training Blog: Day Four

Senior swimmer Shelby Cox is providing daily inside access to the Razorback swimming and diving team’s training trip in Florida.

Stay tuned to for more updates from the trip and for more information on Arkansas swimming and diving, follow @RazorbackSwim on Twitter.

Day 4

Happy New Year!

We’re halfway through our time in Florida, and we’re still having a fantastic time. Our tiring workouts are taking a toll on our bodies, especially after a late night on New Year’s Eve, but the team and I are staying strong and fighting the fatigue. Today we had another double. Sprinters lifted then went to the pool, while the distance girls swam and then lifted. Back at the hotel, we ate lunch in our rooms and some girls went to the beach while others caught up on sleep in their rooms.

Later that afternoon, we met at the beach for our next team challenge. This challenge was a beach competition, in which each team lined up in a row on the beach and had to fill a bowl with water from the ocean. The first round we laid down in the sand while one person, the runner, filled the bowl with water, ran it back and passed it assembly-line style down the row until the final person poured it in the bowl and sent it back. We repeated this challenge three more times: one time pouring the water over our heads into the bowl, one time using our hands to cup water and transfer it to the bowl, and one time using our bandanas to soak up water and squeeze it into the bowl. With each round calculated, the Heifers took first, followed by the Cheetahs and the Toads.

We headed back to the pool once more this afternoon. Coach Sean Schimmel gave us an extra challenge before we began: if one person could throw their goggles to land on the lane line, the group would get out of a 400IM. Obviously we were all thrilled at the idea of less yardage. I had never tried it before, but I gave it a shot. Miraculously, my goggles landed perfectly, and we all screamed with excitement, jumping up and down in a huddle for several minutes. I’d say it was the highlight of my swimming career!

After practice, a few girls and I headed to BurgerFi, a quick burger stop right by the beach. We all returned quickly to our rooms, eager to rest up from the long day. Even though we are tired, we are all really enjoying this warm paradise and are looking forward to the days to come!

Team Scores: Hefty Heifers: 366Camo Toads: 354Cheetah Girls: 350

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