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TwitTix are set for Sugar Bowl

TwitTix are set for Sugar Bowl

NEW ORLEANS — Followers of the University of Arkansas official Twitter feed, @ArkRazorbacks, can win the ultimate TwitTix: two seats to the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

The contest for the tickets is conducted on Twitter, but as a reference, here are the way to qualify for the drawing.

First get multiple new follower for @ArkRazorbacks — your new followers to include your handle and #SugarTwitTix

Second tell us why you are the most awesome Razorback fan in New Orleans without tickets; tag #SugarTwitTix

Finally, you must follow the ground rules. You have until 2:30 p.m. central time to get your tasks done

The basic ground rules are the same as all other TwitTix giveaways:

Razorback fans ONLY

The tickets received are for the personal use of the recipient — to resale, and we track which seats are used so we will find out.

You must personally pick up the tickets and get your picture taken for the website by Bill Smith outside the Superdome on game day afternoon.

A few extra notes:

Multiple reasons why don’t improve your chances, but getting several of your friends to sign up and follow @ArkRazorbacks can improve your chances. It would be great for the Hogs to leave New Orleans with over 9,000 (maybe 10K) followers on Twitter. Help us get there by encouraging your friends to follow the official feed.

Like the LSU game tickets giveaway, we will select finalists, then contact them by direct message to insure they are able to receive the tickets. The goal of TwitTix is to get a deserving Razorback fan into the game, and build interest in our official feed.

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