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What’s happening with the HOGS this week?

What’s happening with the HOGS this week?

September 13, 2004Our season is now well underway! The last few weeks have really been a lot of fun as we have been getting our training schedule up to speed. Although we have been in a full practice schedulefor two weeks, we are still doing lots of technique anddrill work. OurManager Lindsey Mehall has beenspendingquite a bit of time filiming both under and above water for ourupcoming stroke analysis sessions.

Everyone on the team has done a great job assimilating to their new roles. The Freshmen have probably had the biggest adjustments to make but have really found their places on the team. Our new Captains, Lisa Petry and Kristen Thibodeaux, have done a great job setting the team direction and keeping us focused. Finally, Senior Diver AK Campbell has done a fantastic job adjusting to diving with 6 new freshmen! It has all been great to watch and see the team develop into something that we all take so much pride in.

This past weekend was a big one on campus. Our football team was reviving a longstanding rivalry with the University of Texas. The whole week leading up to the game was pretty intense including students camping out in front of the stadium beginning on Thursday morning! By Saturday morning’s practice, we all saw that the line of students was now about 300 yards long and the game was still almost 12 hours away. When game time rolled around, the stadium was packed with over 72,000 screaming fans all doing the Hog Call, and we knew that the night was going to be fun.DespiteArkansas losing by two points, everyone had a great time. The fun all begins again in two weeks when Alabama comes to town. That game will be especially fun as we will have recruits there with us. Sharing our weekend, our school and our team with potential new Razorbacks is really a special time.

Check back next week to find out what’s happening with the H2OGS!

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